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What's with the Dates?

The inhabitants of The Last City no longer use a Gregorian calendar, but instead calculate time based on "subcycles" of the Traveler's Light - whatever that means. The only bit of information surrounding dates that Bungie supposedly gave us is that Destiny takes place about seven hundred years in the future. Aside from some cryptic Clovis Bray plaques, there are no exact dates known in Destiny. Given that information (or lack thereof), this timeline has been arranged as a best guess of the approximate order and length of events. It will continue to grow, evolve, and (hopefully) get better as we learn more about this universe Bungie has given us.

A Note about Speculation

While we've done our best to validate and confirm all the information here, there are still a lot of gaps in the information Bungie has given so far, and there are a lot of jumps to be made by necessity. Speculation regarding facts in the timeline is noted in the text except in cases where a reasonable assumption can be made even if it has not been explicitly confirmed (for example, Jaren Ward's death is implied in the Grimoire but not explicitly stated). These kinds of reasonable assumptions are treated as fact to the best of our judgment until otherwise confirmed or denied by Bungie. But as a rule, we try not to bring speculation into the equation at all. And of course, as the universe grows, We'll be making tons of revisions as time goes on!


The original Destiny Timeline
by /u/twishart

Ishtar Collective Timeline
by /u/lordbiro

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